Sickkk.  *Warning language.


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WTF? Wednesday 4.18.12

Errrbody’s favorite time of the week…

This week’s video:

Hot girls obviously have hot problems.



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What’s up OTB Fam? It’s that time again, NEW MIXTAPE RELEASE! Thanks for all the love you all gave me for my last mix “4.0”. As of tonight, this one is by far my favorite that i’ve done. It really reaches out to the Hard Electro crowd, The Bass Heads, and the Progressive Lovers. All in all, if you love EDM (Electronic/Dance Music) as much as I do, you’re going to enjoy this ALOT. So, this is what I came up with for my new mix “SPRING SESSIONS”. Please check it out, download, tell your friends and of course TURN IT UP.

Much Love.
/kay wILLEST

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The Airplane Boys

Canada’s own The Airplane Boys are starting to make a lot of noise in the music scene.

Download their mixtape “Alignment” @ http://theairplaneboys.com



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UMF 2012..

Here is a little recap of the amazing 3 day-long dance/electronic event called “Ultra Music Festival” that went down this past week in Miami, Flordia. This is one festival i’ve really wanted to go too, and im definitely going to make it happen in 2013. Being a EDM fanatic (Electronic Dance Music) playing an event like this would be an absolute dream. Click one of the 3 days below, and enjoy!

This years line-up can be viewed at:

/kay wILLEST

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All Artists are Entrepreneurs…

Last night a friend of mine surprised me with this peice of original artwork.  I love it.
I’m not too familiar with it, but I know its from a series of prints that were produced for the book Linchpin by Seth Godin.

Either way, the message and design screams creativity.  Thanks a lot Rob, i’ll be framing this one for sure.

“All Artists are Entrepreneurs, All Antrepreneurs are Artsits”

Stay Inspired,


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What’s up guys? I’m back. I took off back to Canada for a while and let me tell you, what a trip. That’s a whole new story on it’s own. On another note, im happy to say.. I’M BACK IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA! It feels amazing getting back into the swing of things.

So recently, while I was in Edmonton, Alberta for the last couple months, I felt I needed to find a hair dresser that did exactly what I want to my hair.. You know, always have to look clean cut in those suits! Anyway, a young Gentlemen by the name of Craig was brought to my attention. (What’s good Craig? Miss you Bro!) I then shortly had my appointment booked, and I was off to get my hair did by this locally famous hairdresser. Got to the salon, had myself an expresso and out came Craig. A young, well dressed & fashionable, very outgoing an funny dude to my surprise, which of course makes the whole experience more enjoyable. I personally enjoy conversation with my hairdressers, just me? After all was said and done, my cut turned out great. It was exactly what I wanted, with of course of few of Craig’s little twists. I then became one of Craig’s returning customers for the next few months while I was in Edmonton. Thanks Craig.

Fast Forward Mar. 2012…

I have never been to a barber shop, NEVER! I had always wanted to try going to one because they always looked so cool on TV. Go in, sit down and have a bunch of dudes laughing, having a good time and well, just plain out being dudes. I did a bit of research and each and every time one specific shop would up, “Stay Gold”. The ratings and feedback about this place were through the roof. I decided to make the phone call and book my appointment. So, I jump in my car and drive down the street to the more “Downtown” part of Fontana, CA. To many people downtown Fontana, would be what I guess people here in Cali would call “the boonies” or sure, the “ghetto”. I personally love it. So much culutre! Anyway, I park my car and walk in, and here is what I find..

(NAIVE THIEVES –“LE SHEIK RHAT” filmed inside STAY GOLD barber shop)

If I could break it down for you in a few words or terms, they would be: Tattoos, Hot Rods, Rockabilly, Old School and Beer. This was the barber shop I was looking for. As soon as I walked in, I was in a small room surrounded by 5 old school barber chairs. I was immediately greeted by almost all of the barbers. They were all covered in Tattoos, stretched ears, beards, you name it.. Awesome. I sat in the barber chair, and a guy named Eric introduced himself to me and right away asked if I wanted a beer. (I declined, it was only noon.) Eric started cutting my hair with nothing more than the traditional scissors and straight razor. Being in that room was hilarious. All the other barbers where cracking jokes across the room, laughing and watching old school gangster flicks on a big plasma mounted on the wall. STAY GOLD is definitely gives you the whole, true “California” feel. Highly recommend this place to anyone if you’re looking for that old school, slicked back, pompadours or comb over look.

I’ll hopefully do a follow up with more of my own pics, just for the blog.

/kay wILLEST

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