Black Heart.

I’m sure by now we have all heard of The Weeknd. He mesmerized all of us with his “House Of Balloons”  debut album that was released back in March of 2011. I remember it like yesterday. Sam and I were sitting in a hotel room in Redondo Beach, California when he showed me track #4 off HOB called “The Morning” only days after the album dropped. It was amazing, we couldn’t stop listening too it. Pure Memories. (How about that drive to San Diego, Sam?) Since then, The Weeknd has released 2 more surprisingly unsigned albums that are still constantly on repeat through my speakers. I think I speak for most of us..

If you follow The Weeknd enough, you’d probably be familiar with his posse/crew, that go by the name “XO”. Through the XO crew, I have personally found some amazing music, just by simply paying visits to their Tumblr pages, twitter etc. Recently, I heard friends talking of and listening to a supposedly new addition to the XO crew. Well, let me introduce you to Julian..

He just released a new mixtape called “Black Heart” that im sure you’ll be a huge fan of. If you’ve ever enjoyed anything from The Weeknd, Dropxlife or anyone else intertwined with XO, this should be another album you might want to check out.. (Link Below)




/kay wILLEST


About kay wILLEST

My name is Kyle Wilson (@kay_wILLEST) Born and Raised in Saskatoon,Saskatchewan.. also the birth place of OTB. Currently living in Los Angeles, California. Thanks for checking out our site, you all make this possible for us. You can find me around SoCal taking pictures, mixing beats or simply just enjoying my surroundings with the people around me. Keep posted for all our new posts, pics, stories, beats and much more.. O.T.B until I D.I.E #thinkOTB
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