A few months ago I did a Five Guys post that got quite a few hits, it’s actually the top viewed blog post to date.  After that post my quest for the worlds best burger continued.
After another handful of unique burgers Five Guys still reigned supreme.

(Lets rewind this quick….)
….  For those who don’t know, which is probably nobody because we flooded twitter and facebook like nobodys business..  Me, Megan, Daisy and Jimmy took off to Vegas for 5 days to go watch history.  Watch the Throne.  I’ll get into that more later this week but that’s the main reason why we were in Vegas.

Now, the second reason, was FukuBurger.. and I’m not joking.
I don’t even remember the first time I heard about Fukuburger but the name caught my attention.  And for the records its pronounced FOO-KOO Burger.  About 3 weeks before our trip I was watching one of my favorite shows Eat Street.  Basically a show where they showcase various Food Trucks.  Low and behold, Episode 20, FukuBurger was being featured.  After watching the episode, there were no ifs ands or BUTS about it… we were going to find FukuBurger while we were in Vegas.

And we did…….

Before you continue, watch the episode HERE (its only about 5 minutes and they are the first feature).

Now we begin, the Fukuburger experience.

No surprise here, looks busy..

The truck, sticker bombed!  Awesome graphics too.

“Get Lucky” Fukuburger.

The FukuDUO

The operation, well the outside operation..  Everything about this place was unique and creative.  When you order they ask for a nickname, before Jimmy could answer I gave him “The great Wall of China”..   Daisy was the most creative, with “Daisy”.

The menu.  Before we even left Canada I knew I was going for the Tamago burger.  I’m not even going to try and lie but Jimmy and I ate 2.  Yes, we are BUTA.  (If you don’t know what Buta is, scroll back up and watch the Episode, or here.. i’ll make it easy for you, CLICK ME)

The best part of Fukuburger is of course, the Burgers.  The second best part, the guys who run it.  Super down to earth, genuinely nice guys.  They had no problems with Jimmy and I being typical paparazzi asians..

The FukuCREW.

And now to the good part, my favorite part..

The TAMAGO Burger.  Move aside Five Guys, you are no longer the best burger i’ve consumed.  THE CHAMP IS HERE.  4 HUGE things that make this the best burger ever.  1) It’s cooked medium rare, in Canada thats rare.  Extremely juicy.  2) The EGG.  Wow.  This isn’t the first time I’ve had an egg on a burger, but this works so well.. because of #3. 3) The crispy onions.  The crispy onion texture combined with the egg yolk creates a combination that is SPOT on with perfection and 4) The teriyaki and wasabi mayo.  (Writing this, i’m so damn hungry now… and I apologize if I went all food network lingo on you but D@mn..)

I wasn’t the only one enjoying the Tamago!

Jimmy give a thumbs up for FUKU! …. “urghmmghgm ughmm”  Nevermind, I’ll do it alone.  THUMBS UP FUKUHOMIES!

I was kicking myself for not bringing a sticker to bomb up, but Jimmy being the bro he is managed to peel his OTB sticker from his phone…

Look closer…

There we go!  Right next to Jimmys mascot.

Fukuburger now holds the OTB title for best burger in the world.  

Thanks a lot for taking the time to chill with us and by making us feel at home by blasting the Canadian National Anthem for us while we enjoyed our food. (True Story)

If you are ever in the Las Vegas area hit up the Fukuburger truck.

You can track them here:


And to finish it all off.. The man behind the operation, the WHOLE operation.. giving us some love..

If you enjoyed this, don’t be shy and spread it around.  MUCH Love from OTB.
We back baby.
(more from the Vegas trip coming soon…)


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