Where the heck…..

is OTB?


Ok, first off…   things are changing.  We are going through a complete overhaul and reconstruction.  What does that mean exactly?  I don’t even know!  It’s all in process.  I’ve had plans to do this for a long time, and now it’s all happening, at once.  Me, personaly, I’ve been crazy busy with side projects.  Some stuff i’ve been up to include :  YMCA Tshirt design and print, Full re-branding of Geos Appliance Servicing inluding website, logo and stationary printing.  And a few other side jobs…  Now it’s time to focus back on the mothership …OTB.  Right now we’re working hard on a project with my boys at AKP.  I’ll get more into that later.  Just wanted to touch base and let you all know we haven’t gone anywhere.  Think of it as more of a marinating process.

I hope you’re all ready…
It’s about to get crazy,

and real.

Like always, stay inspired.

ps: I still have some shirts left, just send me a text or facebook me.  I’ll give you a crazy good deal.

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