My Constant EP Release Party

There are very few things in life as satisfying as the day you finally share your art with the world. Nothing can describe that sense of accomplishment you feel once your masterpiece is released. For one Saskatoon punk rock band, this special day falls Thursday, June 9th.

Over the last 3 years My Constant has been bringing their noise to Saskatoon clubs and bars and killing it. The group’s dynamic sound appeals to a wide variety of music appreciators, which has built them a solid fan base in their hometown. Driving rock anthems such as ‘six to midnight’ nicely contrast with emotional adventures such as ‘Potential Love Song’, making for some great tunes and a fun listen from front to back.

It’s truly apparent that these 4 men love having fun, which in turn, produces a fun live show. Live shows and parties with My Constant had been a staple for the group who in the mean time, had been quietly working in the studio recording. Loyal friends, family and fans have been waiting long and hard to get a hold of their favorite My Constant originals. The day is finally here.

Every note has been perfectly calculated and accounted for. The 5 song EP titled ‘Dear Haley’ leaves listeners wanting more and more. Creative hooks, tasteful beats and constant (no pun intended) awesomeness through the entire EP is something these 4 punks should be VERY proud of. Recorded in Saskatoon by Ryan Anderson this disc is as local as it gets.

Louis Pub on campus is the place to be Thursday night. My Constant along with buddy bands Decisions Made, Broken Host and Keara Monument, will release their first EP ‘Dear Haley’. This is a gig you don’t want to miss! On top of the stellar line up leading up to the headlining act, Louis pub, in my opinion, makes for one of the best venues (of it’s size) in the whole province. Superb sound, lighting and layout. A unique license allows for liquor to be served with minors getting a chance to attend. The show is 16 plus. There is a 10 dollar cover and things kick off at 7:00pm. Why wouldn’t you take in a rock show on a Thursday night?!

Congrats to Brian Snell, Justin Sikorsky, Tyler Gilewicz, and Corey Dick on this killer EP. Can’t wait.

This one’s for the buds!


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Just your everyday bro, hungry for a not so average lifestyle. Embracing a wide variety of art forms, I love to create and inspire. I also enjoy Subway. I think I'm addicted..
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