OTB x California (Day 5) The Finale

The Finale’.
Day 5.  The last full day in beautiful California.  It’s been roughly 3 weeks since we’ve returned home from this trip and I miss everything about Cali.  The sun, the laid back lifestyle, the people, the food, the ocean… the list can go on.  It’s really a whole different world over there.
Day 5 started in San Diego and ended in Huntington Beach.  We drove the coast through Laguna and enjoyed every second of this laid back lifestyle.
So here we are, day 5, the finale.

Perfect song for this day:

Nothing like starting the morning taking pictures of eachother..

Good Morning San Diego.


Along the San Diego coast they had various statues, sculptures and art peices.

Pigeons!  These little guys were everywhere..

Hand Plant!  You could probably spend all day along the coast and not get bored.

Even Kyle has a statue in San Deigo.

Stuntin’, as always.

Pirate ships!


San Diego Belmont Park

I dont know what you have to do here, but you can win a karate domo.

Jerseys anyone?  Just shoot this 4 foot jumpshot into a basket the size of cereal bowl.

Hungry?  Why not have a 12″ Pizza and a beer for only 7.50!

How could you say no?

Approved by K.

Back home, this is what $7.50 gets you.  In Cali, they throw in a free pizza.

Fonce’ Betours… whatever that means.

OTB x Mission Beach

Eye See you.

Rooftop restaraunt in absolutlely gorgeous Laguna Beach.

7 1/2″ unwrapped GIANT BLACK……… drinking straws…

2 Best friends in Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach, beach side property.  Ballin’


Laguna Monkeys.

Kyle never wears shorts, Jacky always wears flood pants.

Classic jumping off the rock shot.

Okay fine Jacky, you too.  I call this one “The Titanic”.

Of course, the girls too..  Team Jump!

Family photos are the best photos.

History lesson.

If you’re ever in Cali, you must have at least 1 fish taco!  (Its a rule, or so I heard).

If you ever go to a Wahoo’s, you’ll notice they love the stickers..

I wasn’t kidding, they are everywhere.

Fish Tacos, beans and rice.  Vedddy gud.

Even better when you add these 2 guys.

Sticker bombing, my favorite.

So long Laguna..  (I had no luck finding Lauren Conrad, super bummed.)

What?? Murdered out Audi??!  Not so bummed anymore!!

Here we are, Huntington Beach..    One thing I noticed about Huntington is the very different lifestyle compared to Venice Beach or even Laguna Beach.  Laguna = Luxury.  Huntington = Chill, Venice = Raw.

Beach Volleyball anyone?


The state of many beaches, each and everyone unique.

Surfs up Bro’s!

Wave Killers.

Duke.  (Google Duke, Huntington Beach for the story)

Various surf photos framed and slapped up in a surf shop.

Icecream time?  Sounds about right.

Daiz thinks so too!

And I just can’t say no to some cold icecream on a hot day.

Huntington Pier.

Inside joke that nobody will ever hear about..

Look close, very very close.

Wow, everyone gets to play.  MEGon, close enough.

Family Photo!!  Except the bystander who snapped this left out the “H”.

Our (the guys, or maybe girls?) hearts melted here….   So these next 2 photos is where we end off…

It was like the whole Cali trip was in her hands, and she was taking it all away…  something about this moment where everyone just stopped, stared and watched….

Did we watch because we were all thinking the same metaphorical way I was?  Or did we watch because a beautiful california girl was carrying a surfboard across the street?  Either way, it was a special moment for all of us.

Thanks for taking the time to re-live this trip with us.  It was truly an experience of a life time.  Stay Inspired my friends, it will get you further than you can imagine.



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