OTB x FOOD (Lingnan)

I love when people BBM me things just to make me super jelaous.  Take my little brother Tony for example.  He BBM’s me, “Guess where I’m going”.  Of course this can only mean one thing, somewheres freakin’ awesome.  And was it?  Man, so awesome.  He ended up checking out a restaurant called “Lingnan”.  Lingnan is a Chinese restaurant in Edmonton Alberta that had a reality show on “The Food Network”.  We both watched this show religiously, so for one of us to finally go was a dream come true (for the both of us).  I got him to do a little writeup and take some photos.  Go easy on his photos, they were taken with his iPhone 2g.  So I present “OTB x FOOD Lignan, featuring Guest blogger Tonez”

“Ever since I could remember, Food and everything about it has turned me into an obsessive foodie.  The Food Network has always showcased some of the most impressive Restaurants that the world has to offer.  They previously featured a show called Family Business about a restaurant in Edmonton that I was eager to try.
It was called The Lingnan, an authentic Chinese restaurant in the heart of down town Edmonton.  As soon as you pull up to the Lingnan you’re kind of turned off by the grungy misplaced location, and you’re left to wonder what the hype is all about. But as soon as you walk through the door, you are taken in by the statue of a Chinese warrior, a poster of The Food Network showcasing their TV series, and plaques along the wall that read “Best business awards and Consumers choice awards”.  The awards have been collected over the countless years of hard work, dating all the way back to the 1980’s.
As soon as I walked through the door of the restaurant I was excited but very nervous.
If you’re like me and watched The Food Network over the years, it’s almost like a dream come true to be sitting in a restaurant that you’ve seen on TV.
The menu was not like your traditional Chinese menu, with the name of the product and a price beside it, everything was hand written allowing the dish to be created in your mind.  The dishes were very affordable, about the average price you would pay at any other Chinese restaurant.  I was blown away by the authentic Chinese atmosphere, the miniature jade statues tucked behind a glass case, and best of all everyone is dressed in traditional Chinese clothing(besides the chef).
After browsing through the menu and what it had to offer I decided to order 4 main dishes: fried rice, Beef and Chinese broccoli, ginger beef, Szechwan chow mien, and an appetizer Pot stickers (pan fried dumplings).  It only took a few minutes after we sat down before the waiter came and asked for my order.  20 minutes later out came the food.  I decided to try each dish separately to get the full effect and to see if anything was missing (like I said, I’m a food nut).  I remember watching the show and seeing how fast paced the kitchen had been run and I was hoping that just for tonight,
I was going get the best Chinese food that I have ever had. You could tell right away that this was no food court Manchu Wok Chinese food.  This was the most authentic Chinese experience that I have ever had in a restaurant. From watching the show on TV to being there and enjoying the food, you really see why The Food Network chose their family to be showcased on a television series. I had the honour of meeting the head chef (Miles, the oldest son), and the youngest son who was actually my waiter (Marty).  I snapped a few photos with them, very cool individuals.  It was amazing to see them in action, thinking the whole time, this is just another day at work for them. But for me it was a monumental day.  I left The Lingnan wondering, I’m going to go home and write a blog post about this restaurant but these guys are going to live each day, probably for the rest of their lives, making and serving up some of the finest Chinese food that Canada has to offer. So with that I give you The Lingnan, if you’re ever in Edmonton and want to experience some authentic Chinese food. It’s by far the place to go.”

Good job brother, good job.

I won’t be surprised to see the last photo printed, framed and mounted in his kitchen.  For the record, Tony can cook, like the best of them.  He actually sent me one of those “Hope your jealous BBM’s” after taking this picture.. I think it went something like this “OMG BROOO GUESS WHAT?@?!>?!?”  …………….   Not going to lie, super jealous.

After he sent me this picture I was kind of curious as to what Tshirt Miles was rocking.  After digging a little deeper I found it:

Pretty dope if you ask me.  I guess they had a contest lined up and this was the winning design.  I’d wear it!!

So there you have it..  OTB x Lignan.  Mark it off the bucket list.


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