OTB x California Day 2

California Traffic.  What a B*&$#.
I will never again complain about my 15 minute commute to work, or Downtown getting congested.  LA traffic is mind blowing.  You’re looking at at least an hour.  I say at least because we did a lot of driving this trip.  After talking to some locals, an hour to work is nothing.  The average is an hour and a half!  That’s right, 3 hours total drive time.  Now imagine 6 lanes, bumper to bumper traffic, for miles.  We’re all used to 2 lanes (sometimes 3) of slightly congested traffic.  Not only is their 6 lanes, but every lane is full for miles!  They must be driving slow right?  Forget that.  Everyone is going at least 120km.  At times, 140km.  We probably spent 1/4 of the trip driving, as you’ll see by these posts, we did a lot. (Quick shout out to Daisy who did ALL of the driving.)
So on to Day 2.
Day 2 is one of my favorite days of the vacation.  Santa Monica and Venice Beach.  To break it down quick, Santa Monica is BEAUTIFUL.  You’ll see what I mean when you scroll through the photos.  Venice Beach was one of the most interesting places i’ve ever been to.  From Muscle Beach, Venice Beach streetball (one of the most famous ocean side basketball courts) to the Venice Beach skate park (again, a very well known skate park). Venice Beach had everything, and then some.  So let’s move forward, shall we.

Play this as you take a ride in our Day 2 of Cali.

Told you, you’d see this again.  Good Morning Santa Monica!

Santa Monica, Where Triceratops spit holy water.

Its Teeeee Shirrt  awwhell no, I’m not going there.  Hella Tshirts, my second ❤

Santa Monica shopping district.

Almost too cool for Santa Monica..

Drool.  All white Nikes as far as the eye can see.  (Nike Store)

It doesn’t matter where you go, inspiration in California is everywhere.

Huh, all Jordans?

Well that answers my question.

Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride for a good photo.  Kobe stuff.

Old meets young.

New age VIP.  This was a lot more ballin’ in person.

“How’s the trip so far Kyle?  Ready to hit up the Pier, Pier (Inside joke, you’ll see later)”

So this is the world famous Santa Monica Pier.

Architectural beauty.

Pacific Park, Santa Monica Pier.

I could get used to this.. seriously.  Keep in mind, it’s April.

Ferris Wheel on the Ocean, it lights up like crazy at night.

Jacky absorbing the California lifestyle.

You see a lot of these people around California.  It amazes me how well these guys can sing and play guitar.

The life.

Some pretty interesting art of Kobe. Can’t hate on a nice creative piece.

“Mark always said life is like a box of Chocolates.”    Nice kicks btw.

Bubba Gump shrimp!  Excuse my language by Bubba Gump is the SHRIMP MASTERS. The best part about this beer, is they let you keep the cup.

Half pound of mouth watering garlic butter shrimp.  (I just drooled all over myself.)

Megan’s stuffed shrimp.  It’s like it was stuffed full of heaven and sprinkled with rainbow dust.  Bubba Gump gets 2 shrimps up.

Venice Beach baby!  This was heaven to me.  I wanted to play, but you ever watch He Got Game?  Yeah, would you just “hop” on the court if Ray was out there?  Hell nahhhh.

Venice Beach had a handful of these Tshirt shops.  You think of it, they have it.

Jacky’s making his own custom shirt, the JayPoop Couture.

By far, the coolest Pepsi Machine in the world.

“Sorry…. once you stick your debit card in me, you ain’t gettin’ it back”

Yes! The Venice Beach graffiti wall.  See what I mean, Venice Beach is the Shhh.

Only the best touch this wall.

SEWER, DAZER, CIMZ..  google any of those names.  These aren’t just small timers tagging up Venice Beach.

City of Angels.

Mind blowing.

Free tag dumpster.

I love this photo.

Let’s take a quick photo intermission.  By now you’re probably thinking i’m well passed the “25 photo per post” promise I made.  But come on, Santa Monica and Venice Beach in one day?  Venice Beach was photo heaven!  Before I get into this next set,  I just want to mention these are some of my most favorite photos i’ve ever taken.
Venice Beach Skate Park.

Just another day on Venice Beach.

This guy killed it, by far one of the best skaters out that day.

Huge Air.

and Huge hAIR.

Daily Grind.

Look behind my brotha, Asia is getting big air again.  (If anybody knows who this asian skater was, let me know.)

Seeing these guys drop in and out of this bowl was nuts.

This might just be my favorite photo of the day.

So I see this kid shredding and I’m thinking to myself, he’s too good for how young he is…

Oh you young? and you fancy too huh…  (who is this kid?)

Had to snap this cliche’ photo…  so yeah, this kid..

is in this magazine..  (guy beside me pulled this out and started asking for an autograph)

“This Kid” .. is Venice Beach’s own 6 year old Skate Prodigy Asher Bradshaw.

6 years old and signing autographs.  Asher Bradshaw, remember that name.

Only in Venice Beach.

The crew enjoying paradise.

Back to Asher.  Kid can drop in the bowl!  I could barely walk on 2 feet at 6 years old!

Pro photos at age 6.  Kid’s got a future.

One more of my boy Asher, hey maybe these will be worth something one day.

Venice Beach front homes, millions of coin.

Good night Venice Beach, you changed my life.

Day 2.  Complete.  Made the drive back to Ontario California and stayed at aLoft hotel which was pretty neat.  So tomorrow, Day 3.  Vegas…  Dun dun dunnnn.

Until next time (tomorrow).  Good night Venice Bea..  I mean Saskatoon.


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