Raw Creativity.

raw (rô)

  1. not cooked
  2. in its natural condition; not changed by art, dilution, manufacture, aging, etc.: raw wool, raw whiskey
  3. not processed, edited, interpreted, etc.: raw data
  4. not yet processed, cleaned, etc. as by chemical treatment; untreated: raw sewage
  5. inexperienced; not yet developed or trained: a raw recruit
  6. with the skin rubbed or torn off; sore and inflamed: a raw cut
  7. uncomfortably cold and damp; bleak: a raw wind

Raw Creativity is True Creativity.

This is where you see real creativity.  Upon the early stages of embracing inspiration and developing those skills to showcase it.

This is as real as it gets..
And to think it’s hiding under our noses everyday.

Lyla – “Maydo’s”  (at age 3 1/2)

(I still don’t know what a Maydo is…)


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