Year End Recap.

Wow, one year! Where do I start?  I think this past year has been very successful for OTB.  Many designs completed, Tshirts created, and friends made.  Thanks to you guys, 2010 changed everything.  For those who are not very familiar about OTB, this post is perfect for you guys.  For those who have been there since March 2010, this should be a nostalgic ride.

2010 Recap:

March 2010:
This is when it all started.  4 guys in a small bedroom discussing the idea of starting a blog.  It’s entertaining to read some of our first blog posts.  We’ve sure grown a lot since then and it was fun to see how much we had to look forward to.
Highlights: The very first WTF Wednesday Custom OTB Blackberry Bold
Did you Know:
In March 2010 I bought a 2003 Honda Ep3…..
And a few months later.. traded it to Kyle for his Em1
April 2010:
After our first month and seeing the reponse we were getting we decided to design and prepare a Tshirt.  This is where OTB started to really take off.  April was also the year I focused a lot on getting more design work out there.  Printing some OTB business cards and business cards for Cross Fit Brio. Things were starting to fall into place nicely.
Highlights: Bryce’s post I stand behind Tiger and Why Twitter is better than Facebook.
Did you Know:
Megs and I went to Edmonton in the Ep3 and I ate this super good burger.
OTB had it’s first 2010 BBQ April 17th
May 2010: The first week of May was one of the most exciting weeks ever for us at OTB.  This is where we received our first Tshirt print (Original, in Black) and our first sticker run. It’s still hard to believe we sold out in 4 days!  We had such a great response we reproduced it in 5 more colorways.
Seeing OTB in the neigbourhood and Selling out for the first time.
Did you Know:
Every Sunday OTB crew gets Pho at the Wok.
This was the very first shirt we shippedShipped to our homey Nick in Calgary.
June 2010:
June brought us the biggest bash of 2010.  Bryce, OTB crew and Meg threw me a crazy birthday bash.  It was also the month I traded Kyle cars and gave him my Canon Rebel.  He got real good, real fast with that thing.  I also got the chance to do some work with Speed Tech Racing and Xplosive Sounding DJ’s.
Highlights: Birthday Bash! and Comfort makes me Uncomfortable by Breezy
Did you Know:
I (OTB) have the greatest friends and support in the universe?
July 2010: July was one of the busiest months for OTB.  New tshirt design Live in a Box was designed and printed.  We also hosted a small event “Lifes a Beach”.  I was also fortunate enough to work with Galaxy Cinemas and do a flyer design/print. July was the month we realized OTB was going to be something more than “4 kids with a dream”.
Lifes a Beach event and KWill’s post My Team
Did you Know:
No matter what happens, Sam and Jacky always end up together.  #Nh
OTB takes no days off.
August 2010: August was a tough month for OTB.  We lost Kyle to Los Angeles, which was a blessing in disguise.  He’s opened a lot of doors for us with him down in LA.  We sure do miss the little guy though.  August also brought us another member to the street team, Keiffyashi.
OTB x Venice very first Mini Movie Monday and Dreaming by Breezy.
Did you Know:
Jmak has a clown fetish.
Keiffyashi is a beast.
September 2010: September was the month we ventured into film.  Jmak picked up a T1i and began learning how to edit.  He filmed my daughters 3rd birthday which still impresses me every time I watch it.  Also, I was able to get a few big designs done .. Cream stickers for Lance Feliciano and a flyer design/print for YMCA.
Highlights: KWill features The Bruery and Lylas Birthday.
Did you Know:
Kwill is meeting some pretty good looking people in LA

October 2010: October is usually a pretty depressing month here in Saskatoon.  It’s when the cold weather starts to kick in and everyone gets into lazy mode.  However, OTB was busy pushing everything out.  Jmak finised the video we did of my ride titled “Scrape”. Breezy ended up moving to Edmonton, and our OTB love was stronger then ever.  We brought in some more street team members, Tonez and Francisco. And we sponsored the biggest Asian tournament in Saskatchewan, SABIT. Like I said, super busy!  Oh, and don’t forget our boy KWill dropping crazy mixes.
KWill’s post Home Sweet Home Breezy’s “Show don’t tell” peice.
Did you Know:
Anthony is a better magician than David Blaine.
There’s an OTB sticker on Fatlace’s door.
November 2010: November was a well deserved quiet relaxing month.  With the snow now in place, everyone was getting ready to hibernate.  Kwill dropped a new mix and Breezy was showcasing his writing skills with peices like “The Tunnel”.
First “Sams Kitchen” post. and Jmaks “Snow Day”.
Did you Know:
JMak drives an XB
December 2010: Kyle continued to bring OTB to the next level in LA.  Getting himself involved with aLoft. We designed and printed some more Tshirts and Jerseys for some local teams and organizations.  We also sponsored our biggest event to date “Grindtime Detroit”. 2010 ended with a bang, that’s for sure.  Oh, and I can’t forget getting to work with Carley Olivia.  I was fotunate enough to do her logo and business cards for her.
Breezys “Turn the Page” OTB x LongBeach OTB x CREAM 2010 in review
Did you Know:
The iPhone4 takes pretty nice photos..
January 2011: The start of 2011.  No better way to start the year off with a nice trip to the carribean right Breezy?  This was the month Bryce really started to take his writing to the next level.. and where Kyle did the same with his mixing.
: Real World by Breezy  Plastic by Breezy  BRIT buzzer beater KWill’s 2k11 Mixtape
Did you Know:
Jmak is really good at snowboarding..


Febuary and March are still very fresh so I don’t need to review them.
So here we are…. March 2011.  One year gone.
What’s in store for 2011?  A lot.  Everything is going to take a 360 turn from here and we’re taking this above and beyond everyones expectations.  I hope you guys enjoyed the ride in 2010 and I hope to see you all March 5th.  (BBM me for details).

Oh, and don’t forget March 5th new Tshirts will be available.  Version4!


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