OTB x FOOD (Five Guys)

Everyone has their “go to” when it comes to eating out.  Some people, pasta.  Others, Pizza (Tonez.. kid orders pizza 4x a week).  My go to is always a good old Hamburger and Fries.  Nothing beats a big greasy cheeseburger and fries with a nice cold beer.  A few months ago Breezy was raving about this new burger joint that opened up in Edmonton called Five Guys.  Once I heard “Five Guys”, I got pretty excited.  I remember a few months back Bobby Hundreds blogging about Five Guys.  I was quite surprised to hear they opened one up in Canada.  Let alone, 5 hours away.  So when Tony and I made the trek up to Edmonton to bring Breezy and his stuff home, it was only fitting we grab some Five Guys.

I was expecting nothing but the best from this burger joint, based only on reviews.  GQ claims 5guys has the best burger under 5 bucks.  Zagat ranked it the #1 burger in America.  The fries, supposedly the best from any fast food joint, period.

So yeah, the expectations were incredibly high.  And me, having consumed probably hundreds of burgers/fries in my life time was pretty excited to see what 5 guys had to offer.

The great thing about 5 guys is the simplicity.  No flashy sign, no stupid mascot or logo.  Just simplicity at it’s finest.
Right when you walk in they have these big posters everywhere with clever quotes.  Along with those signs you see the magazine snippets around where Five Guys has been featured.  Again, simple and clean.  “Five Guys serves heaven on a bun”.  By now I’m thinking, with all this hype this place isn’t going to pull through.  Heaven on a bun?  We’ll see about that.

Another thing about 5 guys is they hire an army of employees.  These guys are working non-stop pushing out hundreds (probably thousands) of burgers a day.  Boom, boom, boom.
The menu is simple.  You have 4 choices in 2 different sizes.  All regular burgers come with 2 patties (Wow, this place is starting to look a lot like heaven).  And then your choice of what you want on it.  To make it simple, ask for Everything (Thats what I did).

With the army behind the counter they fired out our order in under 10 minutes.  My order consisted of a regular Bacon Cheeseburger with Everything (lettuce, pickle, tomato, ketchup, mustard, grilled mushrooms and grilled onions).  Like I said, simple.. easy to order.  The way it should be.
The beautiful, beautiful beast of a burger:
Oh, am I teasing you?  Ha, here:
Screw those pretty McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s burgers.  This is how a burger is supposed to look like.  Look at that, its gorgeous.  Absolutely gorgeous.  (okay, who am I kidding it looks like I just played 20 minutes of hacky sack with it.)
After all the hype.  From Bobby Hundreds to GQ to the posters on the wall, how could this possibly live up to it all?  After the hundreds of burgers I’ve consumed in cities all over Canada… How does this compare?
There was no doubt, absolutely none.  That this was the best burger I have ever consumed in my life.  I would even go as far as saying, this was the best thing I had ever ate.  Ever.
….  I feel bad for neglecting the fries right now.  The fries were good.. very good.  Best ever?  I don’t think so.. but very above par.
So there you have it.  Five Guys.  If you’re ever in the vicinity of one, don’t hesitate.  You heard it from multiple sources and now here.  This is the best burger you can find, anywhere.

After all, this is “Where Burgers are Boss”.


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9 Responses to OTB x FOOD (Five Guys)

  1. Chuck Loebach says:

    Your review is spot on. Five Guys is the best burger chain, bar none. I used to think that In n Out was the best fast food burger, but I have now seen the light. We finally got Five Guys in Chicago in the last year or so and now my only problem is going to be paying the cardiologist’s bill.

  2. Joey Rand says:

    Serous my roommate and i decided to go have dinner today at this place and serous this place was not what I expected the burger was nothing different what they said it was and for the price for this burger was not even worth the price….. and I’m a person that doesn’t mind paying for a good meal, and the fries oh my these fries were covered with this spice that they put on their fries…. they over did it, and no matter what they perpair your meal to go reguard less so your meal will lalways be in a bag….. well your view of this place mighht be diff then mine but I did what anyone should do is give a place a try and you will see if you like it or not….so give this place a try.

  3. Carla says:

    Just had 5 guys for the first time and had to drive a little to get there being , we don’t have a 5 guys in the west end area of the Poconos. Anyhow, the burger was awesome. Fries were good too, too much though, a shame to see them go in the trash.

  4. Chuck Kopsho says:

    I’ve eaten @ In-N-Out here in Southern California, but haven’t tried Five Guys yet. There was a grand opening in San Marcos, CA and I haven’t been to that location. I swear I’ll be there someday.

    Chuck Kopsho
    Oceanside, California

    • samseto says:

      I went to In-n-Out for the first time in SoCal. Amazing. Still not as good as Five Guys tho!

    • john gallo says:

      Chuck, I grew up in O’side so i used to think that In-n-Out was it as well. I live in Minnesota now and there is a Five Guys 10 minutes away and it’s my only burger place. YOu HAVE to get to a Five Guys, you will never go back.

  5. Sue Craig says:

    My husband and I went to San Marcos, CA location today. We absolutely loved the food and the people that work there are awesome. The burgers were really fresh and tasty, loved all the toppings. We couldn’t believe all the fries they gave us, we couldn’t stop eating them. We were really impressed and plan to go back often. This location recently opened up and many of our friends are also impressed. The employees were all super nice and friendly!

  6. David Borger says:

    I like Five Guys just fine, also. I always order a “little” hamburger (one patty). The taste is great; I just don’t need too much. Fries are too greasy, but tasty. I usually stop about 1/2 way down the bag. I honestly wouldn’t call this burger an awesome burger. It’s how a burger should be, though. Juicy with a lot of toppings. One you could just mash-up! It’s very similar to any good drive-in burger. One example is Sno-White Drive-In, formerly in Half Moon Bay, CA. Their burger was similar to this one except about 7″ in diameter, vs Five Guys 5″. Five Guys’ service is top-notch, too. The last comment I’ll make is negative. Why in the world do they have to have all those stupid signs in their restaurant? A clever saying is one thing, but do they really have to tell everyone that so-and-so thinks the burgers are best? That this city voted it number one? These signs make me think that the owners have such a low value of themselves, that they have to brag even when everyone says they’re great. Like the guy at work that continually says he’s the best…give him the ball…blah blah blah. Usually, not true. Am I right? But, bottom line…good burger.

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