Favorite Sneaker?

I wouldn’t really call myself a full blown sneakerhead, but I do love my shoes.  Recently I’ve been asked one of the hardest questions, ever.  What is my all time favourite shoe that I own?  After cycling through about 40 pairs, I decided upon this pair:

Air Jordan 1 Retro “Fathers Day” (white/tweed)

I guess the main reason why I love these shoes is because of the meaning.  They were a fathers day gift from my daughter.  Plus they are jordans, and I love earth tones.  Here’s a little more about the shoe via lovethosesole.com

“The Air Jordan 1 Retro ‘Fathers Day’ White / Tweed shoe that started the Nike Air Jordan empire. This special colorway is part of the Father’s Day pack. June 2008 quickstrike release.Designed by Peter Moore and released in 1985, the Air Jordan I pair of sneakers was considered a breakthrough in basketball shoe design,although its design was improved upon later with the Nike Dunk. The shoe initially gained a great deal of publicity and interest when the National Basketball Association disallowed usage of the shoe during games because its vibrant black and red color violated the league’s uniform rules and fined Michael Jordan five thousand dollars every time he wore the shoes during a game. Nonetheless, other shoe companies scrambled to emulate the design and introducing knock-off brands of the Air Jordan line.”


So that leaves me with one question, What is your favorite pair?


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