Mini Movie Monday!

You know when you watch something and the second it’s over, you get that goosebumpy feeling.  The feeling that you just watched something surreal, almost magical.  This feeling is amplified by 100 times if you don’t yet understand why you feel that way.  If you have to stop and think and dig deeper based on confusion this feeling becomes something that is unbearable yet incredible.  I experienced that feeling after watching this short film tonight.  Since I started Mini Movie Monday, this one here is my favorite.  Just take 9 minutes out of your day, zone out and watch this.  If anything you’ll be amazed by the characters and acting (especially of the young boy).   Hope you enjoy this just as much as I did.

“A Day After Cosmos”

“If you want to make an apple pie, you have to make the whole universe first”

@6:30-7:00 did it for me, that was absolutely incredible.  The way it was filmed and presented….  unreal.

Until next time,


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