Sam’s Kitchen.

New category time.
Going to keep some variety to this blog and start posting some sweet creations in the kitchen.
The main goals for everything that happens in the kitchen:

1) Cheap.
2) Easy.

Remember you don’t have to follow these directions exactly, they are to be used as a guideline.  Be creative.

So let’s get to business.

Todays feature: Gameday Nacho’s
Price: $10-$15
Difficutly: Easy
Feeds: 3-5
Ingredients: Ground beef, Doritos (yes Doritos), Shredded Cheese, 1 tomato, 1 pepper (Green, orange or red), Banana Peppers, pepper, tex mex (taco) seasoning, soy sauce, oyster sauce, rooster hot sauce, sourcream and Salsa.

Everybody loves nachos right?  Here’s the OTB version.

First, start off with 1lb of ground beef (Wait, before you do that preheat your oven to 350′).   After you brown the ground beef, drain the grease (Make sure you drain it all, nobody wants greasy nachos).  Add these key ingredients.  Splash of soy sause, Tex Mex seasoning, Oyster sauce, Rooster hot sauce and some pepper.  Eye ball everything, add it according to taste.

Next, dice your pepper, tomato and banana peppers.  Only add the banana peppers if you’re not scared of HEAT (Like the Lakers hehe..)  This is what you should have ready.
Great!  All the difficult parts are done.  By now you’re probably thinking why Doritos?  ….WHY NOT?!  Cooking should be about taking risks and being creative.  You ever had taco in a bag?  …… If not, you haven’t lived.  Anyways now we’re ready to start placing everything together.  When it comes to Doritos just use your favorite kind.  Start by lightly greasing a baking sheet and scattering your doritos along the bottom.  Next, layer the following in this order: Ground Beef, Tomato/Pepper/Banana Peppers and Cheese.  Be aggressive with the cheese.  These are OTB Gameday Nachos.. not your everyday cheap Lounge Nachos.

This is what you should have now.
Almost there.  Now bake for roughly 10 minutes.  Keep an eye on your masterpiece.  Once the cheese is melted, you’re ready to rock.

10 Minutes later:
So there you have it.  OTB Game day Nacho’s.  Remember, add or remove what you like.  This is just a guideline.  However if you are looking to have the best nacho’s in your life, ever.  Follow directions above, exatly as you see them.   ha.. ha

Stay creative and until next time….
Keep eating, and have fun.



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