Stay Inspired, please.

Every morning I go through my daily web surfing routine.  Usually start off with Bobby Hundreds blog followed by Facebook and Twitter.  Then I get into the car stuff and head over to Fatlace.  Jmak and myself have been following Mark Arcenal (Fatlace) for a long time now.  I remember when Jacky was showing me this guy named Mark, who at the time, had a personal graphic design website.  We used him for inspiration since day one.  Together, Jacky and I watched Mark take Fatlace to another level.  Watching branch off brands like ILLEST grow into what it is today was amazing in itself.  Mark, Fatlace and Illest inspired me to create OTB and to push it where it is today.

Today I woke up, turned on my computer.  Went through my daily routine of websites and then my heart stopped for a split second.

Today on Fatlace I found a photo of them loading up a new sign.  If you look closesly on the door you’ll see a little part of OTB has hit Fatlace.
KayWill took the initiative to send Mark some stickers and look where they made it.  This is a great day for OTB..
Some of you are probably thinking, it’s just a sticker on the door, big deal.  It’s more than that and one day you’ll understand.

Thanks for being part of the movement Saskatoon, things are just getting started…..



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2 Responses to Stay Inspired, please.

  1. Old Man Wilson says:

    Congratulations OTB…..

    • samseto says:

      Thx Old Man Wilson, you should be extremely proud of Young Man Wilson.. none of this would be possible w/out his hard work.

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