Outsidethe BOX OFFICE

I must admit.  It’s been a pretty good year in terms of movies and film.
Toy Story 3, Karate Kid, Kick-Ass, Machete, Book of Eli, Get him to the Greek and Inception are just a few of the great movies of 2010.

And then I watch a movie that blows them all out of the water.

The Social Network.

Based on true facts and events on the story of Facebook, the Social Network is more than just a movie about Facebook.  It’s about business, loyalty, trust and the many factors that are involved with the start up of a multi-billion dollar company.
Even if you go into this movie thinking “Oh, its just a movie about facebook” .. you’ll soon realize, it’s much more.
After the first opening scene you get a real good feel on where the movie is going.  If you haven’t seen it yet,  they took 99 takes and 8 pages of script to film a 5 minute scene.  Everything from the Acting to directing was above my expectations.  And honestly my expectations were super high.  By far one of the most intersting and inspirational films i’ve ever seen.  Yes I said ever.


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