Summer Memories: Rain Gauge

Meet summer’s hottest game of 2010:

What your looking at, is a little game called Rain Gauge. Now I’m sure you’ve all heard the buzz surrounding it, but let me just explain the game to you. What you need in order to play is a case of  can beer (your choice of brand), a frisbee and the official Rain Gauge poles.

First off, you have to decide who gets to throw first. Now there are different regional rules regarding this, but a simple game of rock paper scissor works best.

Now the object of the game is to knock your opponent’s beer off their pole, thereby forcing them to drink the entire can. You each take turns throwing and drinking until one of you gives up or you run of beer, whichever comes first.

It’s a simple and fun drinking game, perfect for hot summer days.



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One Response to Summer Memories: Rain Gauge

  1. Calvin says:

    Hottest game of 2010? Pfft. Its called Beersbee and we’ve been playing it for years!

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