U.S Open At Huntington Beach

I was super stoked to make it down to Huntington Beach yesterday to catch some of the U.S Open. It was a huge event with pro BMX, Skateboarding and Surfing events sponsored by Hurley, Nike 6.0 and Converse. Hot Weather, Huge waves, Bikini’s, Hotties, Some of the worlds top action sports athletes, Bikini’s, Free swag, Hotties, Great music, Live bands and did I mention Bikini’s and Hotties? So all together, today was totally OTB approved. Had a great time and got some great shots. Check them out, GET CREATIVE!

Wear a Condom.

/kay wILLEST


About kay wILLEST

My name is Kyle Wilson (@kay_wILLEST) Born and Raised in Saskatoon,Saskatchewan.. also the birth place of OTB. Currently living in Los Angeles, California. Thanks for checking out our site, you all make this possible for us. You can find me around SoCal taking pictures, mixing beats or simply just enjoying my surroundings with the people around me. Keep posted for all our new posts, pics, stories, beats and much more.. O.T.B until I D.I.E #thinkOTB
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