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Inspiration: Burn Ignite

I’m not the biggest Steve Berra fan but this has to be the most visually stunning skateboarding video I have ever seen. Good to see skate vids are stepping up production and are evolving with time. I remember a time … Continue reading

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WTF? Wednesday 7.28.10

Errrbody’s favorite time of the week… Now I try to find something different every week to post up but its seems like its been a slow week on the world wide web. Luckily, I have some stuff saved for occasions … Continue reading

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Mac Miller.

If it’s one thing we preach at OTB it’s do What you love to do. ┬áI found a prime example of that today, Mac Miller. Seems like this kids been in the game for awhile and still so young. ┬áRecently … Continue reading

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More Camber Please!

A Follow up on “Luxurious Love”.. This is Nuts! /kay wILLEST

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My Team.

So OTB has been going pretty solid ever since day one. I seriously don’t think there could have been 4 guys (5 when we know where the Hell Dennis is ;)..) that are more perfect for this. Moving to LA … Continue reading

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Luxurious Love..

Lately i’ve really been getting into Lexus and many other luxury rides. I am a huge Honda freak yes, (probably won’t change) but lately some of these guys from as far as Japan to the United States have been managing … Continue reading

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Late night

Another late night @ OTB HQ. Kay_wILLEST came by last night to get a crash course on photoshop. For those that don’t know, Kyle’s gonna be moving to cali in a few days to set up shop. Be sure to … Continue reading

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