Ok lets do something fun.

I feel like doing something fun, like giving some stuff away.
I caught some sort of mini-flu or something and just haven’t been feeling myself lately..
Feeling a bit better today so time to get back to the Blog.

The games easy, email me a pic of you or someone you know wearing an OTB shirt.  Of course the more unqiue and creative the picture the better your chances of winning.

So THINK outsidethebox, put on your OTB shirt and take the most creative photo ever.

What does the winner get?

Not only does the winner receive the ultimate OTB package (Tshirts, stickers, poster) you’ll also receive an iPOD SHUFFLE!

SO get to it.  Email the pics to samseto@gmail.com  (Keep it PG, i’m going to post them on the blog!)


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One Response to Ok lets do something fun.

  1. john jaypes says:

    so, im poor and i dont have an otb shirt but would like to join this competition…is it possible (just throwing this idea out here and being creative)to wear a normal shirt, put the otb logo and fullfill the rest of the requirements of this competition….or maybe i could trade you something for an otb shirt….wha-chu-tink?
    oh and when is the last day to send our picks for this contest?

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