First off..

please excuse my lack of blog posting.  Busy is an understatement when it comes to describing my everyday hectic life.  I’ve been working on a few unique projects and trying to update my gear.  Kyle is now rocking my Canon Rebel (see Kyles post below “Getting Creative”) those pics are coming along nicely.  I recently upgraded my macbook to a macbook pro and WOW.  This thing is fast!  No lag and no loading.  Very impressed Apple, very impressed.  Now im patiently waiting for the new iPhone.  The iPhone 4g will be on another level! mark my words!  Also I hope you marked my words when I said Mike Posner was gonna BLOW.  Just heard “Cooler than Me” on the local top 40’s radio station C95.  Who called it?  OTB did!  Since I parted with my Rebel, my good friend Jeremy (1take photography) lent me his Canon 40D.  My first empressions are “DAMN this thing is confusing”.  Its actually forcing me to really learn about SLR’s.  I learnt a lot with my Rebel but this 40D is on another level.  You actually have to use every setting to take some solid photos.  I’ve taken a few pics of this new car I acquired from Kwill, he’s moving back home to California so I took his baby for him.  Here’s a few of the shots..

Dont worry Kyle, she’s in good hands!!
Oh, and if you’re wondering where the new OTB shirts are… they are so close to being done.  I’m hoping to deliver some to you guys this weekend.  Stickers will also be back in stock as early as this afternoon!  Thats about it for now, time to do work!


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