3025 views, almost 2 months later…

And here we are.

Outsidethebox has been an overwhelming and exciting experience, for both myself and my team.

People ask me, what is outside the box?  What does it do?  What do you do?
The whole point of this project “outsidethebox” is to do just that.  Think outside the box.
Don’t be a trend, be a trend setter.

Outsidethebox, it’s a lifestyle.

In less than 2 weeks our first set of Tshirts will be in our hands.  Packed and ready for people like you.
We are only producing 30 prints of each design, and that’s it.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.
If you want to pre-order, please contact me or one of the OTB guys.

Thanks to everyone who continues to put up with our spamming facebook comments and tweets.  We couldn’t ask for a more supportive community of friends.


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