Tomorrowland 2012..

Came across this amazing video, giving us a 20 minute recap of one of the most amazing and gigantic Electronic Dance Music festivals ever, know as Tomorrowland held in Belguim. Attending this is definitely on my bucket list hopefully in the years to come. Click on that full screen icon, turn it up and enjoy. :)


/kay wILLEST

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I showed up way too early for my flight. Sitting in Pearson International Airport waiting to board and fly to YEG. At least they have free wi-fi.

“Do you ever get lonely?”

I’m asked this more often than I’m comfortable with. It’s one of those questions that makes you think too much, dig deeper into yourself than you may be comfortable with. Old friends, new friends, anytime I have a serious talk about myself with anyone this question finds it way to the surface. Do I?


But I think we all do. It’s normal to feel lonely sometimes.

Embrace it.

We’re way too afraid of loneliness. We’re afraid of dying alone, of not having anyone to talk to, of not having a shoulder to cry on when the blue people were (SPOILER ALERT) being blown up in Avatar. When shit gets tough, we need that companionship. It’s terrifying to think we may not.

But here’s the truth:

Sometimes you’re going to be alone. 

There’s no avoiding it. Sometimes there will be no one of value to talk to, or to hold, or to play beer pong with. Life is full of cycles. Highs, lows. Use it to your advantage.

Some people think that I’m unstable. That I run away from people and end up in strange places to avoid being too close. I can’t settle.

Those people are wrong.

The truth is, I know pretty much who I am and what I want to do in this world, and I go after it. Sometimes it takes me across the country, sometimes I lock myself in my bedroom for days at a time, and sometimes it seems I can’t be reached. The truth is, I’m simply embracing my time alone. I’m making the most of it.

It’s really hard to figure yourself out when you’re constantly surrounded by noise. I love my friends and family to death, but sometimes you guys make too much noise. Talking about things I can’t relate to, or putting me in situations that are counter-productive. I need isolation time to recharge. It’s not that I don’t like people, or I’m a weirdo that needs to be alone, I just need it.

We make too many bad decisions based on fear. The fear of being alone. We stay in committed relationships to assholes and slutfaces (yes, I’m that immature and bitter), all based out of the fact that we’re more comfortable surrounded by poisonous people than we are with ourselves. If you would rather have negative people in your life than bear to alone with ourselves, what does that say about how you treat yourself? Think about it for a minute.

We’d honestly rather have poison than nothing. Because we’re afraid of nothing.

But I honestly feel that the best people, the most complete and wholesome people, have a way of turning that nothing into something healthy. They use their alone time to their advantage. They become themselves. 

And I think that’s the goal. The most cliched question in the history of ever is simply, “what is the meaning of life?”

To become yourself.

– Bryce Seto


PPS. Bitches.

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Bryce, you haven’t written in two months, WTF?!

Nothing is TF, folks. I’ve been insanely busy out here in Toronto and it really hasn’t been a focus. But today is my birthday. And I feel like writing. Thank you all for your patience (by “you all”, I mean mainly my best friends and my mom. If you’re someone I may not know as well and you’re reading this, then please leave a comment. Unless you’re a hot female. Then holler, boo. Breezy’s gotchu.)


We’ve gotten this question in many forms throughout our lives. No matter how old (I once wanted to be a dinosaur, then an NBA player, then I realized my chances were better off being a dinosaur so I stuck with that) or how sudden (why is this always the first question when meeting someone new?), we are all curious about others ambitions and feel self-conscious about our own. It’s a stressful question.

We hate those who seem to have it all figured out. Our relatives, or friends of friends who got accepted into med school, or that guy who was in your Psych class in high school who started his own successful welding business, or that hot bitch who never gave you any attention who’s now posting professional modelling pictures all over Facebook (don’t worry, she’s never as successful as she makes it seem). You’re even slightly jealous of the kids who had kids way too soon after graduation (or even before) because even through the diapers and puking and screaming and no sleep and shitting on inanimate objects (I love kids), at least their life has purpose. You’re still looking for yours.

So, how do you answer the question?

It depends on who’s asking.

Sometimes we give them the roundabout “I’m working for (insert shitty company here) right now, saving up money for school, then I can get into what I really want to do which is (insert future vague career goal which you think may impress the listener).” I do this on the daily. Sometimes I’m going to business school, sometimes journalism, sometimes male stripping. It all depends on who’s asking.

Let’s all stop worrying. Let’s all put our hands together in the middle and form a pact (whoa, bundy! – Yes, Jen. That’s your shout out.) to stop worrying about trivial shit and how our futures look to others. Let’s come together and from this day forward, live the life we truly want.

I, Bryce Kenneth Seto, am going to tell you exactly how you should answer this question. From this point forward you won’t feel self-conscious or jealous of those who seem to have their life in order. From this point, you are going to live. And they will no longer ask you out spite. They will ask you out of respect.


The next time someone asks you the dreaded “BRO LIKE, SO, WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WITH YOUR LIFE?” look them right in the eye, your toes forward and say:

Exactly? I’m not sure. I am going to fail. I am going to fall. But I am going to try. I am going to make mistakes. I am going to love, lose, regret and lose regret so I can love again. I am going to lose more than I am going to win. But I will win. It’s inevitable. I am going to sleep, wake up, and grow. Every day I will grow. Because to grow is to live, and I promise you that whatever life I end up living, whether it’s one with a title you respect or admire or look down upon, I promise you I will be living. So to be honest, I could not tell you what I’m gonna do with my life. It’s impossible to. But I can tell you that right now I am living. Every single day. And that is not going to change. What about you?

Then listen politely to their reply, smile, and walk confidently back into living. One day they may catch up.

– Bryce Seto

PS: If you’ve read anything I’ve written and enjoyed it enough to show a friend or someone close to you – I love you from the bottom of my heart. Truly. Thank you.


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Our Lady Peace

One of my old favorite rock bands is performing tonight at the Ex.  Let’s take a journey down memory lane.  I’m sure some of these songs will spark memories of your joyful youth.  Here are my top 12 Our Lady Peace songs.  In no perticular order, if I had to pick a favorite, I’d have to go with 4am.


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Event (Flyer Design)

Quick design I did for an up coming car show in August.  If you attend any show this year, make sure it’s this one.


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Jiro Dreams of Sushi

85 years old, working.  No intentions to stop.
From absolutely nothing to a 3 star Michelin Restaurant. (highest rating)
70 years of repetition to create a perfect technique.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi was 1 hour and 23 minutes of pure jaw dropping inspiration.
I really hate using that word so much these days, but to watch an 85 year old man create the best sushi in the world, is well, inspiring.  I recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good eye-opening film.

Plus I love Sushi.  To see the proccess this man goes through to create the perfect peice each and everytime is beyond respectable.  Sushi can be seen 2 ways.  Fast and mediocre or expensive and delicate.  Sushi has grown to be extremely popular and to watch the best in the world is something else.

The movie is short, and I don’t want to ruin anything.  All I’m going to say is this was one of the best, if not THE best documentaries I’ve ever seen.

“I’ll continue to climb trying to reach the top…but no one knows where the top is!”


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OTB was started by 4 individuals in Saskatoon, back in March of 2010.  With nothing but a couple of laptops, a case of coronas and an internet connection.  Nothing was to really come out of it except the idea to pass on creative and inspiring information to anyone who had the slightest interest in our ideas.  It’s been almost 2 and a half years since OTB was born.  In those 29 months a lot has changed.  JMak, Bryce, and Kyle have all moved.  JMak is now in Calgary, Bryce in Toronto (previously Edmonton) and Kyle is back In Los Angeles.  OTB has been a big part of our lives for the past 2 years and will always be a big part of who we are.  We’ve been putting everything on hold for the past few months to re-group and re-evaluate.  In the next few weeks you will be seeing a lot of changes.  For those who have stuck with us and still visit the site everyday, Thank you.  Tell your friends we’re back.  Like us on FB, Follow us on Twitter, Stalk us on Instagram.. Say whats up in Real Life.. and let’s continue to share creative information.


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